Specialty Chemicals

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Assembly Aids

Product Description
Chrysan PM-200 WSS-M99B144-B1
Chrysan Tire Lubricant WSS-M99B186-A
P-80 Emulsion WSE-M99C45-A2, GM-9985770
P-80 Grip-It WSS-M99C45-A4
P-80 Thix WSS-M99C45-A3, GM-9986225


Product Description
Chrysan CL-7061 Water-soluble emulsion type cleaner designed to remove oil, grease and dirt from cast iron, steel and aluminum parts. CL-7061 is formulated to provide superior corrosion protection as well as excellent foam control.
Chrysan CL-7081 High foaming, alkaline heavy detergent cleaner designed to remove oil, grease and dirt from all types of surfaces. Suitable for use on all metals.
Chrysan CL-6030 Environmentally friendly water-based cleaner that is effective at removing paint and grease. Can be used in a paint booth cleaner application.
Chrysan CL-33-AL Low foaming alkaline cleaner designed to remove oil, grease, and dirt from cast iron, steel, aluminum parts, concrete and painted surfaces. CL-33AL provides excellent rust protection for both ferrous and nonferrous parts.